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Blue matter

Lupe Fiasco- Next To It

25 Juillet 2014 , Rédigé par Blue Matter Publié dans #Hip-Hop, #dessins, #Musique

Lupe Fiasco- Next To It

I think it's a sure thing to say that nothing is easy for Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco.Since "the cool" it seems that Lupe hasn't been very comfortale with himself, but that may be over. Lupe is back to provide a cool summer jam for 2014.Lupe finally feels good and wants us to dance along with him!"Next to it' is very lightweight but still contains some sort of society critisism.This pure ear candy song is Lu's attempt to hit mainstream again Lupe flows nicely with the cool instrumental while Ty Dolla $ign sings a hook which is catchy as hell.After all that drama maybe the only thing that wanted Fiasco was a little fun.Get ready for Testuo Season's real beginning !

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