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Blue matter

Doom live at the Bataclan!!!

23 Mars 2014

Doom live at the Bataclan!!!
Doom live at the Bataclan!!!

Maybe you didn't notice but I'm a huge rap fan.I usually go to many concerts every year but I never got the chance to go to a rap concert.MF DOOM is a legend to me so seeing him was like a dream! First of all I arrived at the Bataclan (Paris: France) and i was amazed to see DOOM's fanbase.There was every type of person you could have thought of (below 40 years old), there was some black people,white people,rich man,poor man,young dude,old folk and even the most surprising of all : some girls!! I guess this is the magic of internet and Hip-Hop combined.The 1st part of the concert was some jaw dropping Doom remixes performed by the french group Live Futur.This really got us in the mood but we waited 40 minutes till DOOM finally showed up.During this (relatively) long period of time, I met the very talented rapper Rejjie Snow (which I didn't know at the time) and we had a cool talk.Then DOOM finally arrived, the lights turned off and the instumental of Hoe Cake dropped.I already knew things were about to get crazy.Man!!! Words can't describe what I felt and experienced at this concert! This might not be the best concert I ever went to but this was definetly my favourite one.During the concert I bumped DOOM's fist twice so I now I can die in peace.

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